Irrigation for Balconies

Save on watering, as the fully automatic Blumat plant irrigation system reliably completes all watering work for you and provides just as much as the plant needs. The water comes from the water butt or from a tank. The distribution lines are extremely fine and are therefore hardly visible. Blumat can be used not just for balcony plants, but also in conservatories, greenhouses and for large pots, the system takes on professional irrigation. We are happy to handle installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system at your home.

Further information:

Blumat brochure (PDF)


Irrigation in Gardens

We also offer professional irrigation systems for lawns, borders and plantations. Here, we primarily rely on the products from Gardena. From the simple beginner model to the irrigation computer with or without moisture sensor, over the pop-up irrigation installation and soaker hose with one or several irrigation groups, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. We are happy to plan, install and maintain your irrigation project.

Further information:

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