Lush blooming flower boxes are one of our specialities, which is why we offer an entire service package for it. We offer professional advice and create offers by way of image catalogues.


We plant in a first-class plant substrate with plenty of long-lasting fertiliser, meaning that the plants are well-nourished during the summer and bloom even more lusciously. We position the flower boxes on the balcony or on the façade at your home and remove them in the autumn, too. Over the winter, we store the empty flower boxes at our premises or supply you with a magnificent winter decoration. On request, we also undertake regular care operations and re-fertilising during the summer.


What's more, we install irrigation systems for your flower boxes. The Blumat system has proven its worth here tremendously. We are also happy to undertake commissioning and maintenance of the irrigation system for you. We look after well in excess of 100 irrigation systems on balconies.

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